Modular Wardrobe

Hinged Wardrobe

The advantage of hinged wardrobe doors is that they swing open completely, giving you a full view of your closet. On the inside surface of the shutter, hooks, pockets, or racks for accessories such as ties, belts, clips, and so on can be installed. Because hinged wardrobes are so widespread, they come in a variety of styles, colours, materials, and textures. Additionally, ornamental door knobs made of stainless steel, brass, or leather that fit the wardrobe's style can be used.

Fold/Slide Wardrobe

Folding & slide wardrobes provide complete access to the interior area while taking up no additional floor space. Unlike hinged doors, which require a swing space to open, concertina doors just demand a little amount of room in front of the wardrobe. Fold wardrobes are known for having a large amount of interior storage space. Fitted drawers, as well as shelves and hanging rails, may provide enough storage space in your bedroom.

Sliding Wardrobe

Sliding doors with composite gaskets provide excellent thermal insulation, functioning as a weather and sound barrier while keeping dust, breezes, and rain out of the house. Sliding doors feature extra-large glass panes that extend the length of each door panel from top to bottom. This design makes the most of any available natural light, allowing you to experience floodlit rooms throughout the day.

Walk-in Wardrobe

Walk-in closets can also be used as a dressing room. You may create an immediate dressing room by adding a mirror and, if space allows, a chair. When you have a built-in dressing room, you may try on an outfit and instantly put it back if you don't want to wear it. This keeps your closet from becoming disorganised and saves you time that you would have spent cleaning it up later. This brilliant idea isn't restricted to huge walk-in robe designs; ask us how we can use it in tiny walk-in wardrobe designs as well.
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