Modular Kitchen

Straight Kitchen

For limited areas; the straight line cooking area is the most practical plan. The entire kitchen is put up on one wall of the kitchen, which is kept open. We utilise built-in appliances, with the sink unit in the middle of the line, to maximise the restricted space of the floor part of the kitchen. This is, without a doubt, a clever option for basic and tiny spaces.

Island Modular Kitchen

A centrally located countertop that is detached to the main cooking area is typical of island kitchens. Because this kitchen space is widely accessible from all sides, an island layout improves kitchen functionality by allowing for easy mobility and unimpeded work circulation. There is a potential for huge storage, functionality and display in each kitchen.

Peninsular Kitchen

More countertop area: Even when compared to a kitchen island, a peninsula provides more counter space. An island requires a route all the way around it, but a peninsula may sit in the same spot and connect to a wall, turning a tiny section of walkway into a workbench space. A peninsula might incorporate additional cupboards and drawers for additional storage. Appropriate for tiny kitchens: Unlike an island, which must have a specific size to be useful, peninsulas can be short or long, and therefore fit into both small and large kitchens.

L-shape Kitchen

One of the most common kitchen plans is the L-shaped kitchen. This plan is popular among modern homeowners since it gives plenty of storage space. It's also appropriate for households with restricted square footage. Counters run along two perpendicular walls and just one corner in an L- shaped kitchen.

U-shape Kitchen

These U-shaped kitchen storage cabinets include sliding and pocket doors, which not only enhance storage space but also decrease visual clutter. In a U-shaped kitchen, the working triangle forms a perfect triangle, with the hub usually placed between the refrigerator and the sink. The kitchen sink is situated in front of the refrigerator, providing ample space for two to three persons to work comfortably.
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