Modular wardrope

Vizous Wardrobes are designed to make it organized and to optimize the maximum use of available space

Fold & Slide / Bifold Wardrobe

Bi-fold wardrobe applies a modernistic opening and closing mechanism to the doors. Because of that, you save space outside of the wardrobe. When you open the door, you’d require half of the space to rotate the wardrobe doors when compared to a usual wardrobe door.

The way the door is designed is, it is seemingly broken into half. So when you open the door, one-half of the door is rotated followed by the other half. So in a way, you’re opening two doors one by one. As opposed to sliding wardrobe doors, you need to slide/fold both the doors to gain full access to space inside. The innovation is you can get access to half the space if you open half the door.

If you’re having a narrow space or your bed is too close to the wardrobe, then this bi-fold design is the perfect fit for your bedroom.

Based on your preference, the door can be designed by glass panels, wood panels, full mirrors, etc. After evaluation, we’ll prepare the door's width and height customized to your needs. Contact us today for getting a quote on Fold and slide/bi-fold modular wardrobe.

Features of U Shaped Modular Kitchen:
  • Keep it smart
  • Think minimal
  • Go dark
  • Work a small space
  • Set up a breakfast station
  • Think outside the box
  • Plan around a window
  • Introduce an island unit
  • Add colour and pattern
  • Add character
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