Modular Kitchen

The Modular Kitchens from Vizous are especially designed to balance aesthetically and functionality for customized requirements.

Island Modular Kitchen

Island Modular kitchen style is an innovative approach to modular kitchens where there’s a dining space within the kitchen room. Its elegant and modernistic look makes it a hot favorite among many homeowners. You can accommodate your entire family or friends in the kitchen room while you’re busy preparing the food. This ensures you spend more quality time with the ones who matter to you the most.

In design and serving the purpose, this is very much similar to a Peninsula modular kitchen, but the small dining space is not adjoined to the modular. It sits separately in the middle of the kitchen, isolated from everything else. This also offers the maximum number of compartments. You can split the modular into four of five components. This means more storage space and a more organized kitchen. The Island modular kitchens are a good fit for mid-sized and large kitchen spaces.

As a downside, this Island modular kitchen can be relatively expensive. But the price is well worth the effort because of the elegance it brings into the kitchen space.

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Contemporary island kitchen with an attached breakfast counter with internal white laminates and ample storage suitable for a big family kitchen. This is a highly efficient full BWR kitchen with a suede finish laminate.

Features of Island Modular Kitchen:
  • For kitchens that do not have sufficient counter space, a movable cart or a kitchen island could is the best solution to provide extra space. A folding table as a kitchen island will also help in making the kitchen look less cramped.
  • Another benefit of a kitchen island is that apart from preparing food, the space that can also be used for staging meals, studying and working. Working on an open island is much more pleasant than a counter top that faces a wall.
  • A kitchen island also gives you extra storage and can also act as a space where you display your crockeries or even plants. Drawers can be used to store cutlery and even a microwave can be placed on a kitchen island.
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