Modular Kitchen

The Modular Kitchens from Vizous are especially designed to balance aesthetically and functionality for customized requirements.

L shape Kitchen

L-shaped layouts are the most popular types of kitchen. Provided with 2 countertops along with the wall cabinets, these provide lots of storage space when compared to other layouts. As the name suggests, there are two sections for storing your kitchen wares. However, one of them, in most cases, is shorter than the other. Both these separate countertops provide two work zones within the same kitchen space. This is perfect for both small and large-sized kitchen. The module is placed in one corner of the adjoining walls. In the middle you can have a table or empty space, depending upon the size.

Within the L-Shape layout category, you have different sub-types. Basic L-Shape is the most common one. This is also the simplest form of the L-shaped Kitchen countertop which faces the open kitchen space. This is ideal if you ave a big or mid-sized kitchen. With this particular layout, you’ll have a lot of space to play with.

Another L-shaped modular design is Small L-Shaped. This is with a smaller design as compared to the L-shape modular. Other sub-types of L-shaped are Double L-Shaped, Broken L-Shaped, L-Shape With Peninsula.

This stunning L-shaped kitchen has been designed with a pop theme in mind, as you can see. The contrasting shades look great especially since there's a lot of natural light in the room. The laminates we propose are easy to clean and maintain. The kitchen design gives you plenty of room for all your appliances and crockery. The combination of open and closed cabinets give you space to display the beautiful pieces of crockery and conceal the masalas. You also get a separate counter space in case you're joined by your little one wanting to finish hisher drawing while you're in the kitchen. We don't want you to miss out on the special moments

Features of L Shaped Modular Kitchen:
  • Top quality
  • Beautiful and attractive interior
  • Well furnished
  • Highly comfortable environment
  • Modular and customized design
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