Modular Kitchen

The Modular Kitchens from Vizous are especially designed to balance aesthetically and functionality for customized requirements.

Parallel Kitchen

Parallel kitchen run along the two parallel walls of the kitchen. These are more like the U-shaped kitchen modular, but comparatively smaller in size. Thus, if you have a small or mid-sized kitchen, then consider installing a parallel modular kitchen.

Parallel kitchen modular is ideal for kitchens which are longer in length or narrow. Thus, they run longitudinally along the walls. If your kitchen is connecting two separate rooms/areas and is creating a passage between the two, then this type of kitchen modular fits best.

For your convenience, you can split the kitchen into two working areas. One area will be for a wet workspace where things like boiling, washing will take place. While the opposite one will be dry workspace where you can bake and cook. This will enhance your kitchen experience and make you look way more organized.

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This parallel kitchen in contrasting shades soaks in tonnes of natural light with the current layout. It's chic while being comfortable, giving you enough room for all your appliances (including the washing machine and dish washer) and crockery. The workflow is easily set in motion with a separate counter for your chopping. The cabinets in Wenge ensure you have no smudges or spatter of curry. The cabinets are easy to wipe down and easy to open and close. With just the right blend of open and closed wall units, you can show off that piece of China you've treasured or stock the things you need at hand always!

Features of Parallel kitchen:
  • Efficient utilization of limited space
  • Everything can be within reach while preparing meals
  • A lot of space can be created for storage even in small areas
  • A properly designed Galley Kitchen can eliminate the need to walk between the two work areas to a large extent
  • If space is available, an island can be made in between the two work areas
  • Lots of countertop space available
  • If the kitchen is small, it can become difficult for more than one person to occupy the kitchen area
  • A dining table can usually not be placed in this type of layout due to lack of sufficient space between the two work areas
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