Modular Kitchen

The Modular Kitchens from Vizous are especially designed to balance aesthetically and functionality for customized requirements.

U shape Kitchen

U-shaped kitchen cabinets surround the three sides of the kitchen space, creating a U-shape in the process. Because of the letter’s similarity with C, this type of kitchen modules are also called C-shaped kitchen cabinets. As this runs along the three sides of the kitchen, they provide the maximum storage space. That’s why restaurants and eateries often invest in U-shaped kitchen modular.

With this type, you can get an enormous counter space to work with. If you happen to own too many kitchen items and want to keep them organized, then the U-shape might be the right one for you. When you have more space, you can quickly complete your washing and preparation activity. Furthermore, your kitchen will look more appealing.

We suggest you invest in this type of kitchen modules only if you have a large kitchen space. By large, we mean at least 9 to 10 feet of space in between two adjacent walls. The kitchen cabinets will take up around 2 feet of space on each side. This will give you 4-5 feet of working space once the modular is installed.

For further consultation on kitchen space and modular type, get in touch with us.

A European blue laminate kitchen made of a combination of exterior PLPB and BWR Ply. Includes a built in appliance unit, a tall pull out unit for extra storage, a breakfast counter - well accessorised for a big family.

Features of U Shaped Modular Kitchen:
  • Keep it smart
  • Think minimal
  • Go dark
  • Work a small space
  • Set up a breakfast station
  • Think outside the box
  • Plan around a window
  • Introduce an island unit
  • Add colour and pattern
  • Add character
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