Modular Kitchen

The Modular Kitchens from Vizous are especially designed to balance aesthetically and functionality for customized requirements.

Peninsula kitchen

Peninsula Modular Kitchen provides a small dining space within the kitchen area. This space is adjoined to the modular kitchen. The G-shape can be thought of as an extension of the C-shaped or U-shaped modular kitchen. The extension mostly works as a serving table or breakfast table. This also means more storage space to work with.

So if you’re having a small kitchen area but still want to accommodate a dining table in the room, then G-shaped or Peninsula modular kitchens are the best choices. Besides providing added dining space, these look stunning and lavish. You can line up chairs to provide a sitting area to your guests. Besides small kitchens, the G-shape goes well with mid-sized kitchens as well.

We provide design and estimates based on an initial assessment of your kitchen space and your desired layout. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Features of Peninsula kitchen:
  • The work triangle: If an island will interrupt the functionality of the work triangle (location of sink, oven, and refrigerator), a peninsula may be the answer. Dividing this triangle should be avoided as it detracts from the livability and overall design of the kitchen while a peninsula opens up the inner area of the kitchen, creating a continuous workspace.
  • Seating: A peninsula offers extra seating for eating, entertaining, and checking those work emails. As with an island, the seats should tuck under the counter.
  • Extra storage: Peninsulas can incorporate extra storage, and if they are deep enough, you may be able to get cabinets on the kitchen side as well as on the side with the seats.
  • Multi-level counters: Peninsulas can also accommodate two-level counters but in a different format. “By having the seating counter at a height of 42 inches, it also serves to hide the “mess” in the kitchen,” says Debra of the benefit of peninsulas.
  • Electrical: By code, both peninsulas and islands must have electrical. This also makes them more functional for working, using countertop appliances, and charging devices.
  • Lighting: Proper illumination is always a must. Pendants are a great option and visually define the space.
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