Modular Wardrobe

Vizous Wardrobes are designed to make it organized and to optimize the maximum use of available space

Sliding wardrobe

Sliding modular wardrobes are a simple wardrobe arrangement that is stylish at the same time. Besides adding functional storage, you can maximize your bedroom space. The doors are designed to glide horizontally. So they don’t open up like regular doors. There are metal channels present the top and bottom of the closet. These provide the framework for the sliding wardrobe doors to slide, just like rail tracks provide the train to move through.

These types of modular wardrobes take up a lot of space since they don’t open up, and hence are ideal for expansive bedrooms. But as an advantage, you’re going to have a lot of room inside of the wardrobe. Store plenty of including cosmetics, travel accessories, hideaway luggage besides usual clothes. When you have a modular wardrobe as big as this one, then the need for any additional storage is almost nil.

These also look modern, classy, and elegant. We design customized sliding modular wardrobes for you after evaluating your bedroom space and expectations. Get in touch with us today for a consultation.

Features of Sliding wardrobe:
  • Custom dividers
  • Interior LED lighting
  • Custom designed folding mirrors
  • Ironing tables
  • TV base swinging arms
  • Drawer organisers and dividers
  • Belt and tie racks
  • Standard cornices
  • Bulkhead or unit tops to suit your decor.
  • See-through wire binsM
  • Acrylic or glass-fronted drawers
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