Modular Kitchen

The Modular Kitchens from Vizous are especially designed to balance aesthetically and functionality for customized requirements.

Straight Kitchen

Straight kitchen modular run along a single-side wall of the kitchen room. In most cases, they’re the sole modular component present in the kitchen. This is unlike the U-shaped or L-shaped kitchen modular where there are two or three separate components. The design of these type of modular is really compact and work well on both small and large kitchen spaces. But they’re more intended for small-sized kitchens, displayed commonly in studio apartments.

The straight kitchen modular typically take up less space and hence cost less. But it also offers less storage space when compared to L-shaped or U-shaped modular kitchens.

As they line up straight against a wall, they look good with tall wall cabinets and splashbacks. In fact, these might be a better long-term investment since you’ll be getting limited storage space with straight kitchens.

We design the cabinets only after evaluating the available kitchen space and your desired layout among other requirements. Contact us today for a free evaluation!

A sunshine-themed straight acrylic kitchen made out of exterior PLPB carcass and MDF shutters. A basic kitchen highlighted with beautiful yellow glass makes a small kitchen stand out.

Features of Straight Kitchen:
  • Easy to maintain and clean. Clenched as it may sound, but the fact is that these are indeed very simple and easy to maintain. Know the right technique and use quality products for cleaning purpose.
  • These come with stylish and sleek Appliances that have the built-in feature and are highly geared with leading-edge technology and designs.
  • Dismantling the modular kitchen is not such a daunting task if need be. Whether it is redoing the kitchen or moving to a new place, the kitchen can be dismantled in no time and can be reconstructed. If you are relocating your modular kitchen then it is quite possible and will not give you such a difficult time.
  • Customizations as per your choice. You can choose the style and layout of your Kitchen. Let no one do it but you. By hiring a professional, you can get the right guidance and with their expert knowledge and your taste, there is sure to be a great outcome from this.
  • Clutter-free kitchen at your service. The look and feel of your kitchen are so amazing that you will be completely in awe and not a single thing will be disorganized and out of place. These kitchens have a space for everything and each of your valuable kitchen items find their right place.
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