Modular wardrope

Vizous Wardrobes are designed to make it organized and to optimize the maximum use of available space

Walk in Wardrobes

Walk-in modular wardrobes are the most advanced form of wardrobes you can install in your bedroom. These provide massive storage space to store literally anything you want. The epitome of luxury, these wardrobes add an instant charm to your bedroom ambiance. As opposed to Sliding wardrobe or hinged wardrobe, you literally would have to walk into the wardrobe to access your stored items. That’s the expansiveness these offers.

You should install a walk-in modular wardrobe in bedrooms which have another adjoining room directly off of it. This can be a spare room which is not used regularly. Together, they may create an L shape. However, big bedrooms also fit the bill. They create a highly organized space within this area.

Another benefit of these types of wardrobes is that you can customize it completely and accessorize it by adding drawers, hangers, racks, and mini-cupboards. The creativity is literally limitless. To make the modular wardrobe even more appealing, you can add LED lights and lamps.

Walk-in wardrobes are luxurious and practical. Being highly expensive, we advise you to consult us and understand the requirements before ordering walk-in modular wardrobes.

Features of Walk in Wardrobes:
  • Made to measure Bi-fold Wardrobe Doors
  • Aluminium frame-choices of door frame profile
  • Mirror, glass or wooden panels available
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